Flynn's Stories
'all things' piece. Read the title and let your mind run with it.
Mulder's back, but he's not the same. Will anything ever be again?
Cotton candy for the mind.
"They exist as separate individuals .... but they aren't truly complete until they're together."
Peace of mind doesn't come in a bottle.
During a meeting with Scully, the burly surly one muses on a few things.
Caddyshack's on and the beer's cold. The movie may not be deep, but someone's thoughts are.
How many people make all the right sounds but leave out the feelings behind them?
.... helping her say the words ....
Peace can be found in the most unlikely of places.
Scully traces the Relationship during the course of S7.
He knew it was inevitable. They both did. They'd known since New Years.
"Your fear of abandonment is compelling, Mulder, but it's beginning to get on my nerves."
While working two different cases, each agent finds out what's most important thing in their lives.
What would it take for Scully to admit some things to herself? How would Mulder take the news? Noromos, here be dragons.
It was always something.
It all started with a phone call.
What can I say? Sex is very life-reaffirming.
Mulder's take on that little hair-brushing ritual.
Things have been a little tense since the much-anticipated consummation.
It's sex, guys. Just sex.
Some dark thoughts in a darker night.
Two lovers, reunited.
"I'm gonna listen at half-opened doors, in public restrooms and the cafeteria and on the fu***** street and anywhere else I hear people talk about her. About *them.*"
I don't trust my memories. They're watercolors .... blending and merging, until I can't tell where one ends and another begins.
Shared secrets.
This was hell on earth and Mulder was stuck in it.